PM Lee urges N. Korea to free detainees

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Protest rally in central Seoul demands withdrawal of THAAD

Thousands of South Koreans staged a protest rally in central Seoul on Saturday demanding the withdrawal of the deployment of an American high-tech anti-missile defense system as President Moon Jae-in ...

Updated : 2017.06.25 09:40

[Weekender] Korea reeling from climate change

The Korean Peninsula is heating up at an unparalleled pace. As the air and sea temperatures rise, pollack, cod and other staple fish are on the verge of extinction, while mackerel, anchovy and squid a...

Updated : 2017.06.25 09:18

[Weekender] Sweltering, early summer changes Korean life

Closet reorganization has long been a seasonal chore for South Koreans, but climate change is prompting some people to do away with the cumbersome task. South Korea’s once distinctive four seasons, ...

Updated : 2017.06.23 18:53

[EYE] An Ethiopian journalist's journey to find life in South Korea

In 2010, Surafel Assefa Hailesilassie, a young TV producer in Ethiopia, witnessed election observers rigging ballots in favor of the ruling party during a parliamentary vote in the nation’s capital A...

Updated : 2017.06.23 16:45

Three in 10 workers feel left out due to academic background: poll

Nearly three in 10 South Korean office workers feel alienated at the workplace due to their academic background, a poll said Friday.Top online job search portal JobKorea said its recent survey of 352 office employees showed that 33.8 percent of the respondents have felt a sense of alienati...

Updated : 2017.06.23 15:31

Success rate for inpatients at anti-smoking clinics top 60 percent: report

More than 60 percent of inpatients of smoking cessation clinics have successfully quit, double the figure for outpatients, a local report showed Friday.The ratio of inpatients who successfully quit smoking for four weeks was 73.9 percent, or 216 patients out of 292 patients who joined the ...

Updated : 2017.06.23 13:41

Choi Soon-sil gets jail term over daughter’s illegal college admission

Choi Soon-sil, a close friend of South Korea’s former President Park Geun-hye, has been sentenced to three years in jail for pulling strings to get her daughter into an elite university. The Seoul C...

Updated : 2017.06.23 13:28

S. Korea to launch team to review sex slavery deal with Japan

The foreign ministry plans to launch a special team to look into the controversial agreement signed with Japan on its wartime sexual enslavement of Korean women, a ministry official said Friday.The move is in line with President Moon Jae-in's campaign pledge to review the agreement signed ...

Updated : 2017.06.23 13:26

[URGENT] Choi Soon-sil gets 3-year prison term for college entrance irregularities

Choi Soon-sil gets three-year prison term for college entrance irregularities (

Updated : 2017.06.23 11:04

Gov't mulls cutting health insurance costs of early retirees, jobless

The government is considering further lowering the health insurance burden of those who quit jobs or get fired before retirement age by revising a related rule, the health ministry said Friday.Currently, those people are permitted to maintain the status of "workplace subscribers" to the na...

Updated : 2017.06.23 10:29

Nearly 80% of S. Koreans support resumption of inter-Korean dialogue: poll

Nearly 80 percent of South Koreans support a resumption of long-suspended inter-Korean dialogue, a survey by a presidential advisory panel showed Thursday, indicating strong backing for the policy lin...

Updated : 2017.06.22 17:27

Park enquired about SK’s Mir, K-Sports donations: SK chief

Former President Park Geun-hye enquired about SK Group’s donations to the Mir and K-Sports foundations, entities allegedly used by Park as a cover for illicit deals with big conglomerates, in a priva...

Updated : 2017.06.22 15:31

Seoul to provide cash subsidy to 5,000 unemployed youth

The Seoul Metropolitan Government said Thursday that it has selected 5,000 recipients for its cash subsidy program for unemployed youth, which will run from July. The subsidy amount is 500,000 won ($4...

Updated : 2017.06.22 15:29

Global petition launched against alleged gay soldier crackdown

A global gay rights organization has launched an online petition campaign to call for an end to an alleged crackdown on gay soldiers in South Korea. “Authorities can scrap the ‘anti-gay hunt’ provi...

Updated : 2017.06.22 15:16

Supermoon to rise Friday

A supermoon, an exceptionally bright full moon at its closest distance to Earth, is to rise Friday, a state-run maritime research agency forecast Thursday.It will be the third of the four supermoon ph...

Updated : 2017.06.22 14:40