Bulgaria marks 10th anniversary of NATO membership

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Bulgaria marks 10th anniversary of NATO membership

As an eastern Balkan state, Bulgaria has tactfully aligned itself with hegemonic powers, including the Ottoman, German and Soviet empires, throughout its tumultuous history. Bulgaria’s London Embassy...

Updated : 2014.12.21 20:17

Equestrian spectacle steals Seoulites’ breath

A horde of muscular horses gallop at full throttle, splash water as they abruptly turn about and perform perfectly synchronized moves. Witnessing this display of equestrian art resembling a scene righ...

Updated : 2014.12.21 20:16

Ethiopia welcomes Korean investors, professors and engineers

The cradle of mankind, Ethiopia, is at the dawn of a national awakening. The country is undertaking a sweep of modernization programs to develop its schools, institutes and industries, to regain its p...

Updated : 2014.12.14 21:37

Exhibition shows kaleidoscope of Canada’s Arctic wonders

The Canadian Arctic was once described as the “land that becomes large, alive like an animal; it humbles him. It is not that the land is simply beautiful but that it is powerful.” The literary eulog...

Updated : 2014.12.14 21:36

Korea, Poland celebrate silver jubilee of relations

Polish Ambassador to South Korea Krzysztof Ignacy Majka (right) speaks at a reception at Millennium Seoul Hilton hotel on Dec. 8, celebrating the 25th anniversary of bilateral relations and the Polish...

Updated : 2014.12.14 21:35

Kazakhstan marks 23rd independence anniversary

Twenty-three years ago on Dec. 16, Kazakhstan became an independent nation after seven decades as an “autonomous republic” in the Soviet Union. The country now has the largest and strongest economy ...

Updated : 2014.12.07 21:01

Thai Embassy fetes king’s 87th birthday

Even if you don’t recognize the name of Thai King Bhumibol Adulyadej, you might be familiar with his image, which can be seen everywhere in Thailand. For many Koreans, encountering the king’s portra...

Updated : 2014.12.07 20:57

Romania plugs in music diplomacy

The Romanian Embassy in Seoul let music speak the spirit of their national day celebration. The sound of music that filled the reception hall at JW Marriot Dongdaemun last Monday did more than words c...

Updated : 2014.12.07 20:55

(Photo News) Walking to work

New U.S. Ambassador to South Korea Mark Lippert crosses the road with his wife Robyn and his dog Grigsby at the Gwanghwamun intersection in central Seoul on Monday. (Chung Hee-cho/The Korea Herald)

Updated : 2014.12.01 21:13

Australian wine uncorked for Korean market opening

Australia’s scorching sun and mineral-rich soil provide excellent conditions for growing grapes. Australians’ innovativeness, adventurism and love of alcohol has led to the production of some of the...

Updated : 2014.11.30 21:30

U.S. ambassador charms public with blog and dog

The United States’ top envoy to Korea has decided to take a smart approach to his public relations ― putting his blog and dog at the forefront of his efforts to connect with South Koreans. Mark Lipp...

Updated : 2014.11.30 21:27

‘Turkey safe for travel despite ISIL concerns’

Turkish Ambassador to Korea Arslan Hakan Okcal urged international cooperation on eradicating extremist groups in the Middle East and assured that Turkey remains a safe destination for international t...

Updated : 2014.11.30 21:26

[Herald Interview] Finnish P.M. uncovers Finland-Korea connection

Finnish Prime Minister Alexander Stubb visited Korea last week to invigorate bilateral ties in a broad range of areas, from winter sports to green technology. The Finnish delegation attended a summit,...

Updated : 2014.11.23 21:20

Korea’s IT guru-politician speaks on ‘creative economy’

Creativity, communication, cooperation, concentration and culture. These are qualities sought by headhunters worldwide, and an innovation-minded group in Seoul has decided to go to town to learn about...

Updated : 2014.11.23 21:19

ASEAN Film Festival comes to Seoul

Korean moviegoers and cultural explorers will have an opportunity to experience a diverse range of cinematic genres from Southeast Asia at the ASEAN Film Festival, which will showcase 10 selected film...

Updated : 2014.11.23 21:19