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Celebrity chef Judy Joo Judy JooJudy Joo visits a fish market in Seoul with a camera Jason Lang김후란

Updated : 2014.10.30 16:05

5 Most Innovative Korean Restaurants in NYC

NEW YORK -- The demand and enthusiasm for Korean food in New York City have been recently growing steadily among New York foodies. Kimchi, the quintessential Korean side dish, pickled and spiced cabb...

Updated : 2014.10.27 17:24

Serving up Korean food with a sexy twist

It is clich to say that life takes interesting turns, but for celebrity chef Judy Joo, that may very well be the best way to describe the path that life has taken her.The Korean-American who now lives...

Updated : 2014.10.24 17:03

Stuffed popovers and blue velvet cake at Melting Shop

Expect the unexpected at Melting Shop, a brand-new restaurant helmed by the duo who created the restaurants Tastingroom and Miki Creole. Situated in Seoul’s Sinsa-dong near Dosan Park, Melting Shop h...

Updated : 2014.10.24 16:39

Around the hotels

Lotte Hotel Seoul invites Michelin-starred Korean chef Lotte Hotel Seoul’s Mugunghwa is hosting Hooni Kim, owner-chef of the Michelin-starred Danji and the acclaimed Hanjan in New York. The celebrate...

Updated : 2014.10.24 16:34

A pie to remember

Sunday mornings other Minneapolis families went to church; we picked up bagels at the Lincoln Del. That’s how I knew we were Jewish.Dad ordered a baker’s dozen, sliced lox and cream cheese. Also Max...

Updated : 2014.10.24 16:33

Around the hotels

‘Hip flask cocktails’ at Park Hyatt SeoulThe Timber House at Park Hyatt Seoul is serving “hip flask cocktails” in the whisky bottles that people put in their pockets to heat them with body tempera...

Updated : 2014.10.17 20:57

Bewitch is back

Over six years ago, a veteran fashion industry insider-turned-chef turned a tiny little dry cleaning store into an off-the-beaten-path bistro on Seoul’s Garosugil. From that charmed, sweet nook, she ...

Updated : 2014.10.17 20:52

Hobakjuk (pumpkin porridge)

Hobakjuk (pumpkin porridge) (Korean Bapsang)With the weather getting colder, we could all use some warm comfort food. For Koreans, juk (porridge) is a popular comfort food either as a light meal or a...

Updated : 2014.10.17 20:49

Ojingeo muchim (spicy squid salad)

Ojingeo muchim (spicy squid salad) Korean BapsangOjingeo muchim is a spicy, sweet and tangy dish that’s made with boiled squid and fresh vegetables. It’s also called ojingeo cho (vinegar) muchim. Al...

Updated : 2014.10.10 20:47

Popular Japanese treat lands in Seoul

Croissant Taiyaki, a popular Japanese dessert brand that specializes in red bean-filled, fish-shaped waffles called taiyaki, launched its first Seoul outlet this month. While taiyaki ― called bungeop...

Updated : 2014.10.10 20:02

Around the hotels

Fall trekking around JW Marriott Dongdaemun Square Seoul JW Marriott Dongdaemun Square Seoul presents a trekking package which invites guests to explore the historic places surrounding the hotel. Gues...

Updated : 2014.10.10 19:59

Stumptown coffee and pancakes in Seoul

The Pancake Epidemic, a creative agency in California, launched its first South Korean flagship cafe near Seoul’s Apgujeong-dong on Sept. 19. A division of the Los Angeles-based marketing agency Stre...

Updated : 2014.09.26 22:02

Around the hotels

‘Discover Korea’ promotion at Grand Hyatt IncheonGrand Hyatt Incheon’s Restaurant 8 presents Korean cuisine until Oct. 31 in celebration of the 2014 Incheon Asian Games. The “Discover Korea” prom...

Updated : 2014.09.26 21:59

Kongnamul bap (soybean sprouts rice bowl)

Kongnamul bap (soybean sprouts rice bowl) (Korean Bapsang)Kongnamul bap is basically rice cooked with kongnamul (soybean sprouts). Simply add soybean sprouts to your rice, and cook the rice the same w...

Updated : 2014.09.26 21:56