[Graphic News] Record-breaking 17m foreign tourists expected this year

The number of foreign tourists visiting South Korea is expected to reach a record high of 17 million this year on the back of a sharp increase in Chinese tourists, the Ministry of Culture, Sports and...

Updated : 2016.12.27 17:58

[Graphic News] Mobile payment on the rise

The use of mobile payment is on the rise with 25.2 percent of South Koreans having used the service within the past six months, the Bank of Korea said. The survey on 2,500 adults conducted between J...

Updated : 2016.12.26 18:08

[Graphic News] Credit cards used for half of transactions: BOK

The Bank of Korea said the most used payment method in 2016 has been the credit card, used for 54.8 percent of payments, followed by debit cards, account transfers and cash. A survey of 2,500 adults...

Updated : 2016.12.25 18:05

[Graphic News] At least 57 journalists killed worldwide in 2016

At least 57 journalists have been killed around the world in 2016 while doing their job, Reporters Without Borders said on Monday. The press freedom group said 19 were killed in Syria alone, followe...

Updated : 2016.12.22 18:30

[Graphic News] Flu rapidly spreading among students

The rate of students contracting the influenza virus has reached an all-time high, health authorities said Tuesday. The Education Ministry is instructing schools to consider starting winter vacation ...

Updated : 2016.12.21 18:19

[Graphic News] A day in Seoul in numbers

Updated : 2016.12.20 17:53

[Graphic News] Younger Koreans prefer Facebook

A survey by Nielsen Koreanclick showed that the preferred social networking services among South Koreans differed by their age, with the younger smartphone users favoring Facebook and Instagram, and ...

Updated : 2016.12.19 18:11

[Graphic News] Most expensive cities for expatriates

Tokyo has regained its top spot among the world’s most expensive cities for expatriates for the first time since 2012, on the rise of the yen. On the other hand, London fell out of the top 100 prici...

Updated : 2016.12.18 18:13

[Graphic News] Trump administration nominees

Updated : 2016.12.15 18:11

[Graphic News] Men on paternity leave only fraction of women on maternity leave

More South Korean men took paternity leave over the past decade, but the number still pales in comparison to women on maternity leave, data showed Tuesday. According to data compiled by Statistics K...

Updated : 2016.12.14 18:05

[Graphic News] Race for next presidency is on

With President Park Geun-hye being impeached by the parliament and facing a disgraceful early exit from office, the race for the country‘s highest office is already shaping up. The election to choo...

Updated : 2016.12.13 17:55

[Graphic News] Scandal probe in numbers

South Korea’s prosecution on Sunday wrapped up its two-month investigation into a scandal that led to President Park Geun-hye’s impeachment last week. Park was never investigated or prosecuted, ev...

Updated : 2016.12.12 18:31

[Graphic News] Apparel & footwear firms ranked on forced labor

KnowTheChain launched a ranking of 20 large apparel and footwear companies on their efforts to eradicate forced labor and human trafficking from their supply chains, finding that only a small group o...

Updated : 2016.12.11 18:25

[Graphic News] Impeachment vote: Will it pass crucial threshold of 200?

South Korea’s parliament will vote Friday on whether to impeach President Park Geun-hye over a scandal that has plunged the country into turmoil. Park‘s liberal foes control 172 votes, 28 shy of t...

Updated : 2016.12.08 18:25

[Graphic News] What Park should do?

Updated : 2016.12.07 18:10