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‘Juvenile Offender’ invited to international film fests

Homespun movie “Juvenile Offender” has been invited to a total of four international film festivals, after being previously featured at three film fests overseas, its local production house announced on Monday.

A socially conscious tale about a troubled teen and his mother, the film by director Kang Yi-kwan has been previously featured at the Toronto International Film Festival, Tokyo International Film Festival and Taipei International Film Festival.

Actor Seo Young-ju won best actor at Tokyo International Film Festival for his performance as the juvenile criminal in the movie. The 14-year-old became the youngest actor to win the honor in the festival’s history.
A scene from Kang Yi-kwan’s film “Juvenile Offender” (Timestory)
A scene from Kang Yi-kwan’s film “Juvenile Offender” (Timestory)

According to the film’s production house, South Park Film, the movie has been invited to Cinemanila International Film Festival in the Philippines; Udine Far East Film Festival in Italy; Black Movie, Geneva International Film Festival in Switzerland; and World Cinema ALE KINO+ Festival in Poland.

The film will be competing in Cinemanila and Unide’s competition sections, the production house said.

“Juvenile Offender” stars junior actor Seo Young-ju and actress, singer Lee Jeong-hyun. It tells the story of Ji-gu (Seo Young-ju), an impoverished teen who was abandoned by his parents at birth. He lives with his deathly ill grandfather, until a young woman (Lee Jung-hyun) shows up and claims she is his biological mother.

The movie has been receiving enthusiastic reviews from the local press and filmmakers since its release on Nov. 22.

“Actress Lee still shines and actor Seo is simply captivating,” said director Park Chan-wook about the movie. “It’s impressive.”

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