Park shuns snappy title for government

By Korea Herald
  • Published : Feb 6, 2013 - 20:45
  • Updated : Feb 6, 2013 - 20:45
It has been a tradition of Korea’s young democracy for the president to adopt an official name for his government symbollizing its governing philosophy.

The practice was derided five years ago by President Lee Myung-bak as a reflection of immaturity. He took pride in boldly calling his administration the “Lee Myung-bak Government.”

The current transitional team decided to follow suit announcing Wednesday that the next government would be named the “Park Geun-hye Government.”

“We have reviewed such options as ‘Public’s Livelihood Government’ or ‘People’s Happiness Government’ but finalized on calling it ‘Park Geun-hye Government, transition committee spokesman Yoon Chang-jung announced in a press briefing.

Yoon explained the decision was made upon the view that designating an exclusive name for the administration was awkward in terms of the spirit of the constitution or the global norm.

The first government to give itself a brand name was the Kim Yong-sam administration, which was called “Civilian Government” to underscore the significance of becoming the first Korean leader in over three decades to not come form the military.

The next president Kim Dae-jung’s choice was “People’s Government” to highlight the progressive leader’s commitment to the ordinary people.

His successor Roh Moo-hyun called his administration the “Participatory Government” with an aim to invite greater participation from citizens.

The incumbent Lee Myung-bak administration chose to call itself simply by the president’s name to underscore his emphasis on practicality.

By Lee Joo-hee (