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‘Love’ voted as Korean’s favorite English word

Korean people picked “love” as their favorite word in English, a survey showed.

EBS, a state-run education television network, conducted the survey on 1,210 viewers to see which English words they like to hear and say.

Among 700 English words chosen by the respondents, “love” topped the list at 6.12 percent followed by “happy” at 4.55 percent.

“Dream,” “family,” “passion,” “believe,” “friend” and “challenge” are also ranked high on the chart.

EBSe, and EBS channel dedicated to English education, designated the 2nd, 12th, and 22nd of every month as ‘e-day (English day)’ suggesting people to speak at least a sentence in English or study the language on the day.

The channel plans to continuously carry out surveys about English in everyday life on the e-days in order to promote practical English education.