Bieber recovering after fainting at London concert

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  • Published : Mar 8, 2013 - 21:40
  • Updated : Mar 8, 2013 - 22:38

Justin Bieber is recovering after fainting backstage at a concert in London.

A spokeswoman for Bieber said late Thursday that the 19-year-old pop star was given oxygen and took a 20-minute reprieve after fainting backstage at London's O2 Arena.

Bieber posted a shirtless photo of himself in a hospital bed late Thursday with the caption: “Gettin better listening to Janis Joplin.” Before that on Twitter he thanked “everyone pulling me thru tonight.”

“Best fans in the world,” he wrote. “Figuring out what happened. Thanks for the love.”

Jazz Chappell, a 20-year-old concertgoer who brought her younger sister and her friend to the show, said Bieber announced he couldn't breathe and needed water. He resumed performing, but then had to be helped offstage by a backup dancer. In the nearly 30 minutes he was offstage, some fans started to leave. Once his manager announced what had happened, Chappell said many fans in the audience were gasping and crying, while others kept cheering for him to return.

“I thought, `Give the guy a break. He just fainted. He's not a performing horse. Let him rest a second,”' said Chappell.

In a video of the concert posted online, Bieber's manager, Scooter Braun, appeared onstage and told the crowd that the singer was feeling “very low of breath” but would come back to finish the show.

In another video posted online that claims it is from Thursday's show, Bieber appears out of breath during a performance of his uptempo hit, “Beauty and a Beat.” He begins to fade as he is dancing and puts his hand on his forehead and bends over to catch his breath.

Chappell said Bieber, who's in London to perform four concerts at the O2, later returned and performed low-energy renditions of his hits “Boyfriend” and “Baby.”

Braun later tweeted “everyone please give him a little space and he will be ok. Im sure he appreciates the support ... Tough kid proud night once again he always finishes the show. Full out. True pro...”

The incident caps a difficult week for Bieber. He was forced to apologize to outraged fans who accused him of taking the stage almost two hours late for his first concert at the O2 on Monday. He insisted he was only 40 minutes late and blamed “technical issues.” He took to Twitter to vent his frustrations with the media's portrayal of the incident.

Bieber's Friday night concert at the O2 remained scheduled as of early Friday morning. (AP)

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콘서트 도중 기절한 톱스타, 하는 말이...

지난 7일 (현지시간) 런던 콘서트 도중 기절한 저스틴 비버 (19)가 회복중이라고 AP통신 등이 보도했다.

비버의 대변인이 발표한 바에 따르면 런던의 O2 아레나에서 공연도중 호흡곤란 증세를 보인 비버는 이후 산소를 공급받았으며 20분간 쉬었다고 한다.

비버는 이날 저녁, 자신의 SNS페이지에 상의를 탈의한 자신의 사진을 올렸으며 “재니스 조플린 노래를 들으며 회복중이다”라고 적었다. 그는 또한 팬들에게 감사하며 “최고의 팬들이다”라고 적었다.

당시 콘서트에 참가한 팬들의 증언에 따르면, 비버는 공연 도중 호흡곤란을 호소하며 물을 달라고 요청했다고 한다. 그는 공연을 계속했으나 얼마 지나지 않아 백업댄서에 의해 무대 뒤로 이송되어야 했다.

비버의 매니저 스쿠터 브론이 관중들에게 비버가 “심한 호흡 결론을 겪고 있다”고 상황을 설명하자 일부 팬들은 소스라치게 놀라며 울음을 터뜨렸다고 한다.

인터넷에 올라온 한 비디오에는 비버가 빠른 템포의 곡 “뷰티앤어비트(Beauty and a Beat)”을 공연하는 도중 숨이 찬 듯한 모습이 찍혀있다.

그러나 비버는 곧 돌아와 히트곡 “보이프렌드(Boyfriend)”와 “베이비(Baby)”를 공연했다고 한다.

브론은 이후 트위터에 비버가 곧 나아질 것이라면서 “모두의 성원에 감사하고 있을 것”이라고 적었다. 또 그는 비버가 공연을 마친 것에 대해 자랑스럽다면서 “진정한 프로”라고 적었다. (코리아헤럴드)

Pop star Justin Bieber (AP-Yonhap News)