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KAIST team develops ‘unbreakable’ screen

A group of scientists from the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology has discovered a way to produce an “unbreakable” screen, which may pave the way in display technology, the school announced on Tuesday.

The research team led by Yoon Choon-sup used polyamide film instead of glass.

Researchers have already been looking at using polyamide film, but so far failed to put it to practical use because of its weak heat-resistance and durability.

The KAIST team noted that they have increased the heat resistance up to 450 degrees Celsius by embedding glass fabric into the material.

They also developed a technique to improve the surface roughness and the reflection index of the material to make it suitable for mobile and TV screens.

“This research will pave the way to produce unbreakable mobile screens and to make thinner and lighter TV screens,” Yoon said.

By Oh Kyu-wook (