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Yonsei’s new chief takes office

Yonsei University’s newly-elected president Kim Yong-hak took office on Monday at an inauguration ceremony held in the school’s Seoul campus.

Kim, 63, has worked as a sociology professor at the university since 1987. He acquired a bachelor’s degree in Yonsei in 1980 and later received a doctor’s degree from the University of Chicago in 1986. 
Yonsei University president Kim Yong-hak
Yonsei University president Kim Yong-hak

In his inauguration ceremony at Shinchon-dong, Seoul, he vowed to bring about changes that would help students prepare for an era in which lifespan is prolonged, a society in which networking is important, and a culture in which sympathy for one another is crucial. His four-year term will be until Jan.31, 2020.

By Yoon Min-sik (