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[팟캐스트](167) 최순실 게이트, 양경수 ‘약치기’ 작가

진행자: 임정요, Julie Jackson

1. 최순실 관련 대통령 대국민 사과

기사요약: 박근혜 대통령의 멘토였던 고 최태민 목사의 딸 최순실이 청와대 기밀문서와 정책에 개입해 왔다는 증거가 폭로되자 박 대통령은 25일 짤막한 대국민 사과를 통해 이를 인정했다.

Choi scandal shakes Park

[1] President Park Geun-hye on Tuesday admitted leaking confidential documents including key presidential speeches to scandal-ridden confidante Choi Soon-sil and made a public apology, reluctantly breaking her silence over the issue.

*leak: 새다
*confidential: 기밀의
*scandal-ridden: 논란에 휩싸인
*confidante: 비밀도 털어놓을 수 있는 막역한 친구
*reluctantly: 어쩔 수 없이

[2] “Since the last (presidential) election, Choi has offered me her opinion on how my election speeches or campaigns are reaching out to the people,” Park said in an urgent press briefing in the afternoon. “Even after taking office, I have sometimes received her help on some documents but quit doing so once completing the Cheong Wa Dae staff lineup.”

*reach out to: 접근하다, 다가가다
*take office: 취임하다

[3] Park, however, added that she “listened to Choi’s opinion” only out of “pure” intention to get a thorough grasp of her speeches, implicitly denying the rumors that Choi was a de facto state power, controlling the president’s words and actions.

*thorough grasp of sth: 꼼꼼히 파악하다
*de facto state power: 실세, 사실상의 최고 권력자
*words and actions: 말과 행동


2. 양경수 ‘약치기’ 작가

기사요약: 최근 사회공유망서비스(SNS)에서 많은 직장인의 공감을 사고 있는 ‘약치기’ 그림 작가 양경수가 코리아헤럴드와 인터뷰를 가졌다.

팟빵 (안드로이드):

Webtoonist mocks hierarchy of Korean workplace

[1] A scene from artist Yang Kyung-soo’s webtoon series depicts a senior executive and several junior employees engaged in seemingly amicable conversation. The executive cheerily tells his department members, “They say there’s a crazy person in every team, but there isn’t in ours!” The employees, smiling politely, think to themselves, “It’s you.”

*depict: 묘사하다
*engage in a conversation: 대화를 나누다
*seemingly amicable: pretending to be 우호적인 것처럼 보이는
*think to oneself: 속으로 생각하다

[2] Such single-frame webtoons, uploaded regularly on Yang’s Instagram handle “yangchikii,” have gained a popular following among Korean office workers.

*Instagram handle: 인스타그램 아이디

[3] Each post captures the unique hierarchy of the typical Korean workplace: Executives demand unquestioning obedience and endless hours of work from employees, and male officials subtly infantilize their female counterparts, while all workers dream of one day quitting. Some of Yang’s characters wallow in their misery; others talk back to their bosses, dealing a refreshing blow.

*unique, hierarchy, typical: 독특한, 위계질서, 전형적인
*unquestioning obedience: 무조건적인 순종
*subtly infantilize: 알게 모르게 어린애 취급하다
*wallow in misery: 절망에 허덕이다
*deal a blow: 한 방 먹이다