KT's smart GiGa Genie helps, connects users

By Kim Bo-gyung
  • Published : Sept 27, 2017 - 15:42
  • Updated : Sept 27, 2017 - 15:46

KT has notched up its smart home artificial intelligence technology this year, introducing voice command-based AI dubbed GiGa Genie.

The Internet of Things television set-top was created to realize smart home technology by recognizing voice commands, according to the company. The 21.2-centimeter-tall cylindrical device was launched January this year.

“The AI-based set-top is a cluster of technologies developed by KT on years of operation as the country’s leading GiGA Internet and IPTV service provider,” said the spokesperson of KT.

Nine months in, the total number of GiGa Genie users exceeded 200,000 as of mid-September.
KT‘s voice-controlled smart home platform GiGA Genie rolled out in January this year. (KT)

Key features of the service are: scheduling daily schedules including alarm services; searching for information online; controlling over 100 home appliances; and offering real-time traffic information.

Users also have the option of adding features such as a camera for video chat and CCTV.

According to KT, the AI service is more than just a smart device, with which users are increasingly sharing personal interaction.

“Up to 30 percent of conversations shared between the user and GiGa Genie were ‘emotional conversations’, such as ‘good night’, ‘I’m depressed’, ‘love’ and ‘love me’,” the spokesperson added.

Following emotion-filled conversations, TV-related commands made up some 24 percent, 22 percent Genie music and other lifestyle commands stood for 13 percent.

KT Chairman and CEO Hwang Chang-gyu giving a keynote speech at the 2015 Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain (KT)

The size of Korea’s growing smart home market is expected to reach 23.4 trillion won ($20.5 billion) in 2019, about double from last year’s 12.5 trillion won, according to the Korea Association of Smart Home.

Hoping to expand it AI service to all aspects of users’ everyday life, KT plans to further develop GiGa Genie and partner with a wide range of industries from finance to construction.

GiGa Genie features have been installed in the newly constructed Lotte Castle apartments in Youngdong district of Busan.

Through voice command, residents of the world’s first-ever AI apartment can catch the elevator, check deliveries and guests, control room temperature, lighting and gas, manage home appliances and more.

On growing importance of its AI business, the GiGa Genie business division was established under KT’s marketing strategy division this May to manage tasks that include: marketing GiGa Genie, coming up with new services, and forming business partnerships.

The company will also increase the number of AI-related professionals to 180 people by the end of the year from the current 130.

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