Day 1 of Seoul Fashion Week

By Im Eun-byel
  • Published : Mar 20, 2018 - 23:26
  • Updated : Mar 20, 2018 - 23:26

The 2018 fall-winter HERA Seoul Fashion Week officially began Tuesday at Dongdaemun Design Plaza. Various local brands staged eye-catching shows, providing the audience the chance to observe Korea’s fashion industry at the scene. Following are three highlights of the day.

A.Bell (Seoul Collection) 

(Seoul Design Foundation)

“Light” was the main keyword here. Around 34 outfits portraying the refraction and reflection of light were showcased. Hues of white, beige, ivory and black were dominant.

The show started with various trench-coat looks. Keeping the classic touch, the looks were varied with feminine elements. Few details were added to the garments, yet the silhouettes were graceful. 

(Seoul Design Foundation)

Soft, thick knitwear underlined the show, matching an assortment of outerwear. Suits for women focused on the use of fine lines designed to accentuate femininity.

As the brand joined the trend of adopting a “See Now, Buy Now” model, mini bags that appeared on the runway Tuesday could be purchased through Naver’s Designer Window immediately. More products are to be added to the web portal.

Led by designers Choi Byung-doo and Park Eui-ji, A.Bell attempts to overcome the limitation of materials and manufacturing processes. The brand started as a costume jewelry brand, but now is a total fashion brand for women and offers some menswear.

Bourie (Seoul Collection)
(Seoul Design Foundation)
To explain Bourie’s outfits for the upcoming fall and winter seasons, only two words are needed -- “pleats” and “darts.”

Designer Jo Eun-hye chose a series of black garments to open the show. Taking a similar yet different approach from last season‘s clean cutting, the garments were more detailed, with heavy and wide use of darts and pleats. 

(Seoul Design Foundation)

Shirtdresses and shirts with darts were featured. Bold use of darts allowed the clothes to be creative while keeping their original shape. Pleated skirts, partly pleated jackets and pleated shirts ruled the runway.

Jo stresses experimental, sensual tailoring, with hopes to interpret conceptual art through the use of fabric.

BESFXXK (Generation Next) 
(Seoul Design Foundation)

Under the concrete bridges of DDP, a unique fashion show took place. All the models wore scarf-like masks to completely hide their faces. With the models’ expressions obscured, the audience were left to observe the garments alone.

While the concept could come off as creepy for a runway, the vivid colors of the masks lent to a light, casual atmosphere.
(Seoul Design Foundation)

The garments were highlighted by unique cuts, creating bold silhouettes and volume. Atypical and asymmetrical shapes were also exaggerated by stripes and checked patterns.

Designers Kim Bo-na and Lim Jae-hyuk of BESFXXK studied fashion in London and have been heavily influenced by the metropolitan city’s style. The duo seeks to connect military functionality with Britain’s tailoring heritage.

By Im Eun-byel (