Day 3 of Seoul Fashion Week

By Im Eun-byel
  • Published : Mar 23, 2018 - 10:41
  • Updated : Mar 23, 2018 - 10:41

Dongdaemun Design Plaza was filled Thursday afternoon with crowds attending the third day of the 2018 fall-winter HERA Seoul Fashion Week at the peak of its hype. Dressed in bold, creative and unique outfits, they gathered to watch the innovative shows staged by local brands. Following are three highlights of the day.

Blindness (Seoul Collection) 

(Seoul Design Foundation)

Blindness’ show managed to fully express the designer’s artistry, featuring garments that maximized the creativeness of the brand.

The show’s keyword could be defined as “genderless.” Male models showcased garments that couldn’t be defined as men’s or women’s. While the overall shapes were masculine, oversized and angular, the details were feminine with floral prints, see-through materials and frills. 

(Seoul Design Foundation)

Garments in the collection featured elaborate details and decorations, such as oversized frills that hung down to the floor. By destroying the overall shapes of the clothes, the brand was able to pursue new lines.

Models walked the runway covered in jeweled face masks. Elaborate head pieces were spotted as well. Their makeup was eye-catching, with colorful eye shadow and jeweled eyebrows.

The high-end brand, led by designers Park Ji-sun and Shin Kyu-yong, hopes to visualize fashion imagined when one’s eyes are closed. It aims to represent the dynamic combination of contemporary art and youth culture.

Songzio Homme 

(Seoul Design Foundation)

Black ruled the runway. The brand’s identity color was fully used in its 2018 fall-winter collection.

The collection was heavily influenced by the use of light linens. Creating a laidback, relaxed look, the material showcased how suits can be formal and casual at the same time. 

(Seoul Design Foundation)

Designer Song Ji-o is a celebrated designer in Korea, having debuted in 1993. He has been working in the fashion scene, suggesting new concepts and challenges. He launched his second brand, Songzio Homme, last season.

The brand aims to depict the charm of the 19th century, using elements of romance and avant-garde. It depicts men’s voluptuous beauty through restrained shapes.

The show was star-studded as actors Cha Seung-won, Lee Ki-woo and singer Lee Jung-shin of CNBlue were featured as models. Though the brand is a menswear brand, some female models appeared in the show.

Vanon Studio (Generation Next) 

(Seoul Design Foundation)

Vanon Studio’s runway resembled that of a road under construction, with the collection being inspired by construction workers. To directly visualize the concept, the opening model appeared with a safety cone, dragging it with a tied strap.

While construction workers’ clothes are usually long-sleeved, covering every inch of the arms and legs for protection, the brand took a new approach, going for a revealing look by exposing various body parts.

(Seoul Design Foundation)
Designer Yang Young-hwan aims to analyze prejudices in society and break them by “sewing” relationships. The collection pursues a new look by destroying the boundaries between casual and formal wear.

Nigerian-Korean model Han Hyun-min, who was chosen as one of the most influential teens of 2017 by TIME magazine, graced the runway.

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