[Letter to the Editor] Request to North Korean leader Kim Jong-un from a common citizen

By Korea Herald
  • Published : Jun 12, 2018 - 17:49
  • Updated : Jun 12, 2018 - 17:49
Sir, the eyes of the world are on you this week.

Please be gracious enough to do away with your nuclear weapons and let the world breathe in peace. You have made your point, that even a small country can stand up to the super powers and hold its own. Now, it’s time to bury the hatchets of the past and move to a new future. It is time for you to focus on the welfare of your own citizens. 

Let them have the best foods, housing, education, music, movies, books and technology. Let them live wonderful lives with the best products and services of the world. Let them travel and see the wonders of this beautiful world, rivers, mountains, forests, historical monuments! It is time for you and your people to be part of the global community.

For this, your people and the world will be grateful to you. Let us not destroy, but build for the future. Remember, blessed are the peacemakers.

From Rajendra Aneja
Mumbai, India