Moon stresses need for DSC reform, hints at possible consequences for defense minister

By Choi He-suk
  • Published : Jul 26, 2018 - 16:00
  • Updated : Jul 26, 2018 - 16:16

President Moon Jae-in on Thursday hinted at the possibility of penalizing the defense minister and stressed the need to reform the military’s intelligence agency.
Cheong Wa Dae spokesman Kim Eui-kyeom holds a briefing on Thursday. Yonhap

According to Cheong Wa Dae spokesman Kim Eui-kyeom, Moon raised concerns about recent developments surrounding the Defense Security Command’s drawing up of plans for a martial law declaration. The plans, drawn up during the demonstrations that led to the ouster of former President Park Geun-hye, are said to have been compiled under orders from former Minister of National Defense Han Min-koo.

The issue is now under investigation, and Han has been barred from leaving the country.

“The essence of the issue is uncovering the truth. It must be revealed why such documents were drawn up, and to what extent (the plans) were to be carried out,” Kim quoted Moon as saying.

According to Kim, the president went on to say that those involved need to be held responsible, as he emphasized the need for a DSC reform.

Moon also referred to the recent parliamentary defense committee session, during which Minister of National Defense Song Young-moo and a DSC officer accused each other of lying.

Moon urged the DSC reform task force to draw up reform plans in the near future, saying the need to reform the military’s intelligence body has grown.

“Rights and wrongs committed by those involved in the matter, including Defense Minister Song Young-moo, must be determined. The weight of the responsibility will be judged after the DSC reform task force makes its report, and actions will be taken.”

On Tuesday, Song drew media attention when he engaged in a war of words with Col. Min Byeong-sam in a hearing with the parliamentary defense committee.

During the session, Min said that Song had stated that the military reviewing measures to maintain order is not a problem, saying he had consulted with legal professionals.

Song denied he made such a statement, saying that Min’s testimony was “a clear lie.”

The Defense Ministry later supported Song’s position, saying Min had misinformed the National Assembly and the colonel’s actions prove the need for DSC reform.

By Choi He-suk (

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