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[Video] ‘Sound of Grazing Grass’ kicks off new season

The new season of tvN’s variety show “Sound of Grazing Grass” is returning on Monday at 8:10 p.m.

The autumn edition of the show is joined by popular comedian Park Na-rae and Hwang Chan-sung from the boy band 2PM, as well as a young farmer Han Tae-woong, who is a 16-year-old but carries himself more like a 61-year-old.

(CJ E&M)
(CJ E&M)

Han’s mature mannerisms lightened the mood during the showcase Monday, which was held at CJ E&M Center in western Seoul. Han sang a trot song, a genre mostly for older people in South Korea, and told the press that he had not known about the group 2PM until the filming of the show.

Comedian Park who newly joined the show said she is familiar with the farm life as she grew up with her grandmother on a farm in South Jeolla Province up until the age of 8.

Park said the show would provide viewers with the therapeutic experience of living on a farm, comparing the show with the film “Little Forest.”

On a lighter note, Park revealed she cannot stand chickens, drawing laughter during the showcase.

Hwang, who also starred in the first season, said he felt so comfortable filming the show that he often forgot that the camera was rolling.

When asked which member of 2PM would do well on the show, Hwang chose Jang Woo-young, citing his competitive nature.

The cast said they often took a nap as farming itself is physically challenging but assured the show would be full of fun.

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