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Goo Ha-ra wants to end ‘mudslinging’ over assault case

Singer Goo Ha-ra has said she wants to end the “mudslinging” with her boyfriend over a recent assault case.

Goo, who was questioned at the Gangnam police station in Seoul on Tuesday, told the local media outlet Edaily that she wanted to end the “commotion,” which has drawn attention throughout the nation.

“It’s impossible for just one of us to be at fault. My boyfriend and I are both in the wrong for the scuffle. But I want to forgive and be forgiven by the person that I once loved,” the singer said in an interview.

The singer acknowledged that a row broke out during a late-night argument with her boyfriend, leading to a great deal of media attention, and the two ended up in a heated back and forth.

Goo said instead of escalating the conflict by giving interviews, she would wait for the outcome of the investigation.

By Yim Hyun-su (