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[Newsmaker] Two Yemeni asylum seekers attacked by Koreans in Jeju

Two Yemeni asylum seekers were attacked by Koreans on the southern island of Jeju, police said Thursday.

According to Jeju Dongbu Police Station, two Yemeni asylum seekers reported they were beaten by a group of Koreans near Jeju City Hall at 2:41 a.m. on Tuesday. When police arrived at the scene, the suspects had already fled.

(Uto Image)
(Uto Image)

Police identified one suspect as a man who appears to be in his 20s from footage obtained from surveillance cameras installed nearby the crime scene.

The asylum seekers told police a drunk Korean man asked them to give him money in English. When the Yemenis refused, the suspect started beating them, police said. The Yemenis are reported to have sustained injuries to their faces.

By Jo He-rim (