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[Weather] Rainy morning expected after Hangeul holiday

South Korea’s weather on Hangeul Proclamation Day will be chilly, with overcast skies expected nationwide throughout Tuesday, but should still not be too bad for outdoor events.

Temperatures plunged to 6-15 degrees Celsius across the country in the morning, but are set to rebound to 19-22 C, according to the Korean Meteorological Administration.


Daytime temperatures in Seoul will reach 20 C, Incheon 20 C, Suwon 20 C, Gangneung 21 C, Daejeon 21 C, Gwangju 22 C and Busan 22 C.

Northern parts of Gyeonggi Province will receive 5-20 millimeters of rain tonight, and rain is likely to continue tomorrow morning. Five to 20 millimeters of rain are expected to fall on the central region of Korea, the Jeolla provinces, the western coastal areas and the mountainous areas of Jeju Island in the morning.

Commuters will need their umbrellas Wednesday morning, as overcast skies and scattered rain are expected nationwide. The rain should gradually die down in the afternoon, except in Yeongdong, Gangwon Province.

By Yoon Yeun-jung (