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[Weather] Korea’s weather to be chilly with fair skies nationwide

Weather in South Korea is expected to be generally fair nationwide due to high atmospheric pressure along the west coast, but early-morning temperatures will be in the single digits for the most part.

According to the Korean Meteorological Administration, morning temperatures should be 1-12 degrees Celsius across the country, but are set to rebound to 19-22 C, with a wide temperature range between day and night. 


Daytime temperatures in Seoul will reach 21 C, Incheon 19 C, Gangneung 20 C, Sejong 20 C, Gwangju 21 C and Busan 22C.

Fine dust is expected to record “good” and “average” levels of concentration in most areas of the country, but Incheon and the surrounding areas will get somewhat higher levels because of the low atmospheric pressure.

The weather agency has advised residents to take extra care to prevent forest fires in mountainous areas, as the clear skies will bring dry air.

For Monday, clear skies are forecast in the morning, to be followed by overcast skies in the afternoon. Temperatures will reach 3-13 C in the morning and 18-21 C later in the day.