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[Weather] ‘Bad’ fine dust to sweep over west

Murky air is expected Monday with “bad” levels of fine dust in the west of the country, including Seoul, and a wide range of temperature fluctuations in inland regions.

According to the Air Quality Forecasting Center of the National Institute of Environmental Research, Seoul and the Gyeonggi, North and South Chungcheong and North and South Jeolla provinces will record “bad” levels of fine dust density throughout the day.


Density of fine dust is forecast in other regions to be “average,” except Daegu and the North and South Gyeongsang provinces, which could also experience “bad” levels of fine dust in the morning.

Temperatures should be from 1 to 11 degrees Celsius across the nation in the morning and 17-21 C later in the day. Daytime temperatures in Seoul are to reach 18 C, with Incheon at 17 C, Daejeon 18 C, Daegu 20 C, Gwangju 20 C, Busan 21 C and Jeju City 20 C.

The weather agency has advised South Korean residents to wear masks during their commutes and to refrain from spending too much time outside. Also, residents especially in inland areas should take extra care for their health in consideration of the wide temperature range of about 15 degrees C expected between day and night.

By Yoon Yeun-jung (