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Mamamoo fans to boycott December concert

Mamamoo’s fan association declared a boycott of the group’s upcoming December concert, as well as merchandise purchases, Saturday, in a protest against recent moves made by the act’s RBW entertainment agency.

The fan group vowed to take firm actions against the agency until it gives sincere feedback regarding the improvement of labor conditions for the girl group, requesting specific measures including delaying the “2018 4 seasons F/W” concert. Mamamoo’s “Moomoo” fandom Friday issued a statement saying the K-pop act has been overworked since earlier this year. 

Mamamoo (RBW)
Mamamoo (RBW)

The agency refused the demands in an official statement.

“It is difficult to cancel the SK Handball Stadium for the year-end concert which was reserved in August, as the cancellation would lead to a penalty of not being able to book the arena for a year,” it said.

RBW also denied allegations it was overworking the group, saying the group had a sufficient break after recent music video shoots.

Mamamoo is to release its eighth EP, “Blue;s,” on Nov. 29.