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Kim Sun-a discusses ‘fun’ thriller ‘Children of Nobody’

Actress Kim Sun-a will play a counselor who works with children in MBC’s upcoming thriller “Children of Nobody.”

Kim, who has a number of hit TV series under her belt, including “My Lovely Sam Soon,” will play Cha Woo-kyung on the Wednesday-Thursday show, which starts airing this week. Cha unravels a mystery surrounding a child, and she finds clues in poems.

Speaking to the press during a showcase event on Tuesday, the actress said she had taken on the role because the original book was fun to read.


“It’s the first time I’ll be starring in a thriller. I chose ‘Children of Nobody,’ which is like interesting detective fiction, because the book was so much fun to read,” the actress said, adding that the filming had been even more fun.

When asked about prospects for the show’s ratings, she sounded rather laid-back.

“It would be a lie if I said I have no concern, but I’m not too worried. Even in the past, I tried to make choices by looking for work that is fun and good quality rather than under pressure,” Kim said.

“‘My Lovely Sam Soon’ was the same. I never thought it would be such a ratings success. Same with ‘The Lady in Dignity,’” she said.


As for the casting, director Choi Jung-kyu showed exceptional trust in Kim. “Playing the character is not easy. When I thought of how to (make up for) what I lack in terms of character building, I thought it would be great to work with Kim Sun-a,” Choi said.

Despite the growing number of thriller series on cable channels, Choi sounded confident in his new series. “If the script is well-written and the drama is great, I think (a show) will succeed,” he said.

The pilot episode of the 32-installment show airs at 10 p.m. on Wednesday.

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