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JTBC to remake American sitcom ‘Younger’

JTBC said Monday it will produce a remake of the American TV series “Younger.”

The story revolves around a 40-year-old, newly divorced single mom trying to get a job by passing herself off as 26 years old. 


A source from JTBC said they were attracted to the series’ story and strong female protagonist. “We will produce a good remake that reflects today’s society for our Korean audience,” the source stated.

“Younger,” which aired its first episode in 2015, ran for five seasons on TV Land and is currently producing a sixth set to air next year for Paramount Network. The series stars Hilary Duff and was created by Darren Star, who is best known for creating HBO’s megahit series “Sex and the City.”

JTBC’s take on “Younger” is expected to air in 2020.

By Kim Jee-min (