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Man caught for trespassing in dorm, attempted rape

A man in his 20s was caught trespassing in a female dormitory at Pusan National University on Sunday, according to police.

The suspect, who is reported to be a student of the same university, is also accused of assault and the attempted rape of a female student residing in the dormitory.


The suspect, who was reported to be inebriated at the time, entered the dormitory by following a student who had opened the door with her student ID card. He reportedly knocked on several doors and dragged one student who opened her door to the stairs.

The suspect was reported to have attempted to rape the student, and assaulted her when she resisted. He was stopped by a security guard who came rushing after hearing the woman’s screams, and was handed over to police who came soon after.

The suspect reportedly told police he could not remember anything because he was drunk. Police are considering an arrest warrant for the suspect.

In 2013, a similar incident occurred on the university’s campus when a male student trespassed in the university dormitory and raped a female student. The student was sentenced to six years in prison.

The newly built female-only dormitory of PNU opened from the fall semester of this year. Though the university said the new dormitory had been equipped with a stringent security system, the incident occurred within its first semester.

Police have requested the university place more guards at the dormitory to tighten security. The General Student Council of PNU is also conducting a survey regarding dorm safety.

By Kim Jee-min (