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Actor Son Seung-won caught drunk driving while license revoked

Actor Son Seung-won has been taken into police custody for drunk driving and injuring two -- all while having his license revoked.

Seoul Gangnam Police said Wednesday that Son hit another car while driving under the influence of alcohol nearby a movie theater. Two men who were inside the car were injured and transferred to the hospital.

(Blossom Entertainment)
(Blossom Entertainment)

Son reportedly attempted to flee, driving away approximately 150 meters until a civilian and taxi driver stopped his car.

According to police, Son had a blood alcohol level of 0.206 percent, which would again surpass the level for his license to be revoked and far exceeds the legal limit of 0.05 percent.

Police confirmed that Son had previously been caught drunk driving in September and his license had been revoked since Nov. 18.

Police are currently looking into the exact circumstances of the incident. They will determine whether to request an arrest warrant after the investigation.

Son is likely to be the first celebrity to face charges under the Yoon Chang-ho Act, a recently passed bill that calls for stronger punishment of drunk drivers.

Son, 28, is best known for his musical career, taking the lead role in the Korean rendition of “Hedwig and the Angry Inch” in 2013. He also received attention for starring in the first and second seasons of JTBC series “Hello, My Twenties!”

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