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Kwanghee’s manager faces bullying rumors

Kwanghee’s manager, who recently appeared on a reality show with the star, faces allegations of childhood bullying, though the agency has denied the claims.

Kwanghee appeared on MBC’s “Omniscient” with his manager Yoo Si-jong. After the episode aired Saturday, an anonymous post regarding the manager was uploaded on an online community the next day, claiming that Yoo was a bully in middle school.

(MBC's “Omniscient”)
(MBC's “Omniscient”)

Bonboo Entertainment said Wednesday that it had confirmed with Kwanghee’s manager that such allegations are false. The agency added that it is willing to talk to the person who first uploaded the post and hear the full story.

Shortly after the official statement was released, another anonymous post also claimed that Yoo was a school bully. The writer of the post called for Yoo to apologize to the victims.

The agency has yet to respond to the second post.

“Omniscient” was the first TV program featuring Kwanghee since he was discharged from his mandatory military service on Dec. 7.

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