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Woman gets 6 months for putting shampoo in mother-in-law’s milk

A woman has been sentenced to six months in prison for putting lice shampoo into her mother-in-law’s personal-sized milk carton.

Incheon District Court on Friday slapped the assailant, who is from the Philippines, with a six-month sentence suspended for two years. The woman will be on probation for one year and is unlikely to actually see the inside of a cell.


The woman was confirmed to have committed the crime after being constantly talked down to by her mother-in-law. She lived with the victim after marrying her son in 2013.

The woman was indicted in June for charges of putting lice shampoo in her mother-in-law’s milk, which led to serious stomach injuries. Following the incident, the woman was reportedly evicted from her mother-in-law’s house and sought sustenance from charity groups.

By Kim Jee-min (