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CJ ENM’s Studio DIA generates 400 videos, 100 million views in 2018

CJ ENM’s DIA TV stayed strong on the YouTube platform in 2018.

According to Thursday’s announcement from DIA TV, an affiliate of entertainment heavyweight CJ ENM, Studio DIA created around 400 videos last year, which combined for 100 million views. 

Creators affiliated with DIA TV promote the channel. (CJ ENM)
Creators affiliated with DIA TV promote the channel. (CJ ENM)

While DIA TV specializes in managing content creators -- particularly YouTubers -- Studio DIA, a subdivision launched in 2017, creates original videos suitable for the online streaming platform. Collaborating with creators and influencers, the production team creates content aimed at viewers in their 20s and 30s.

Studio DIA currently runs four YouTube channels: Beautiology, What the Fun, Team Universe and Let Eat Be. The channels have relatively narrow target audiences. Around 84 percent of viewers for Beautiology are women aged 13 to 24, and 47 percent of viewers for What the Fun are men from 18 to 34.

Studio DIA also went global last year, selling remake rights to web dramas “Love After School” and “My Dog-like Dating” in China.

“We are co-producing contents with KT, Waikiki Studio, Toynory TV, Homage TV (big players on the YouTube platform here), based on original content production and management abilities,” Hong Joon-ki from DIA TV said. “In 2019, we will continue to work on creating original contents.”

Some of Korea’s major YouTubers, Banzz, Haneul, Great Library, Hey Jini and more, are contracted with DIA TV. CJ ENM currently operates cable channels tvN, XtvN, Olive TV, OnStyle, Mnet and more.

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