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Momoland's Daisy admits to romantic relationship with iKon's Yun-hyeong

Daisy, a member of K-pop girl band Momoland, admitted Thursday that she is dating Song Yun-hyeong, a member of boy group iKon.

An official from Momoland's management agency, MLD Entertainment, told Yonhap News Agency "the two have been in a dating relationship with mutual affection for three months," confirming a media report that the two started dating three or four months earlier. 

(YG Entertainment / MLD Entertainment)
(YG Entertainment / MLD Entertainment)

YG Entertainment, the music label for iKon, however, played down the report, saying that they "have dated a few times on mutual affection, but they are not in a romantic relationship."

The 24-year-old Song debuted in 2015 in iKon, one year before Daisy debuted in Momoland. Both bands are currently active at the forefront of the K-pop scene. (Yonhap)