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Ildong’s Aronamin best-selling OTC drug for 3rd year in row

Ildong Pharmaceutical’s multivitamin series Aronamin was the best-selling over the counter drug for the third consecutive year in 2018.

OTC drugs can be purchased directly at medical stores without a doctor’s prescription.

According to health care consulting firm IQVIA on Sunday, Aronamin marked 66.3 billion won ($58.8 million) sales last year, the highest among OTC drugs in Korea. 

Image captured from Ildong Pharmaceutical’s website
Image captured from Ildong Pharmaceutical’s website

The figure was a 2.3 percent drop from a year earlier, but enough for the multivitamin drug to maintain the top spot.

The Aronamin series include Aronamin Gold, Aronamin C Plus, Aronamin Silver Premium, Aronamin Eye and Aronamin EX.

The multivitamins give energy, alleviate tiredness of body, eyes and muscle, as well as vitalize the immune system.

Coming in second in IQVIA’s ranking for 2018 was Dongkook Pharmaceutical’s Insadol -- used to treat inflammation of gums --- with 38 billion won sales.

Handok’s Ketotop plaster, used to treat joint inflammation and muscle pain, climbed up two ranks from a year earlier to come in third with 36 billion won sales.

Rounding out the top five were Daewoong Pharmaceutical’s liver robotant drink Ursa and Kwangdong Pharmaceutical’s anxiety-quelling herbal medicine Woo Whang Chong Shim Won.

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