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Actress Yoon Ji-oh accused of defamation

A writer has filed a complaint with the police against Yoon Ji-oh, an actress who claims to have seen a suicide note written by her colleague Jang Ja-yeon 10 years ago, on charges of defamation and contempt.

The accuser’s lawyer said at a press conference in front of the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency after filing the complaint on Tuesday that Yoon was using Jang’s death when all she had seen was Jang being molested.

Yoon Ji-oh (Yonhap)
Yoon Ji-oh (Yonhap)

Yoon has said Jang’s suicide note contained a list of men Jang was forced to provide sexual services to.

Yoon told the press she had seen the list, and that it included the names of “three people from a media company with the same last name” and “a lawmaker with a peculiar name.”

The accuser, Kim Soo-min, whom Yoon had contacted for help as she prepared to publish her book about Jang, titled “The 13th Testimony,” has said Yoon saw only investigation documents.

Kim corresponded with Yoon almost every day between June 2018 and March 2019, according to Kim’s lawyer.

Kim said what Yoon told the press upon returning to Korea in March was different from what the actress had told her.

Mentioning that Yoon was raising money on a foreign website for her “protection,” Kim’s lawyer said he had also requested an overseas travel ban on her.

“She can always go to Canada, which could leave this case unresolved. Therefore, she should be banned from traveling abroad at least until the police complete their probe,” the lawyer wrote on Facebook.

Yoon has criticized Kim on Instagram, accusing the writer of spreading false information.


Jang took her own life in March 2009, leaving a suicide note that accused her agent of forcing her to attend parties and provide sexual favors to high-profile figures in the entertainment and media industries.

The team that is reinvestigating Jang’s case said Tuesday that it had asked the committee that is reviewing past cases the prosecution is suspected of mishandling to recommend that the prosecution consider filing rape charges against some of the men Jang was forced to serve.

The team also asked the committee to recommend an investigation into allegations that Jang’s agent, surnamed Kim, committed perjury during a legal battle between a ruling party lawmaker and the Chosun Ilbo newspaper.

The investigation team reportedly met with Kim Soo-min last week and listened to her statements.

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