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Korean sitcom on multicultural families in Jeju exported to Vietnam

Korean sitcom “Haiphong Families,” which deals with the realities of multicultural families here, will soon be shown in Vietnam.

Aired from May to October last year, the 20-episode sitcom by broadcaster KCTV Jeju was sold to Vietnam Posts and Telecommunications Group, a state-operated company that is the second-largest entity in the country. 

(KCTV Jeju)
(KCTV Jeju)

This marks the first time a program by a regional cable broadcaster in Korea is being exported to Vietnam, according to KCTV Jeju. The one-year license contract signed Tuesday includes telecasting as well as mobile and internet transmissions of the sitcom.

“Haiphong Family” centers on true stories of three multicultural families living in Jeju. Migrant wives and children who are not professional actors were cast for the program, including Le Thi Huyen, a Vietnamese, to better reflect the realities of multicultural families.

“I will work to create good content and make efforts so that they can be exported to Southeast Asian countries and others around the world,” the program’s producer Kim Jung-hyuk said.

The sitcom earned an excellence award from the Korea Cable TV Association. Kim also received a minister’s prize from the Ministry of Science and ICT for “Haiphong Families.”

The sitcom is expected to air in Vietnam in August.

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