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Model warns of legal action against rumors over video with Kangta

Racing model Woo Joo-ahn will take legal measures against people spreading false rumors about her on the internet following a recent incident involving her ex-boyfriend, singer-songwriter Kangta.

“I will take legal action against those spreading false stories, libelous comments, insulting rumors,” Woo said on Instagram on Sunday.

“(The legal action) will cover the three main portals, Instagram and major online communities,” Woo added.

Kangta, left, and Woo Joo-ahn.(Yonhap)
Kangta, left, and Woo Joo-ahn.(Yonhap)

On Thursday, Woo, 29, mistakenly uploaded an Instagram video of herself and Kangta being affectionate and speaking to each other like lovers. Woo soon deleted the video.

Kangta’s agency S.M. Entertainment said the two had ended their relationship.

Woo also clarified later that day via social media that the couple had been dating until last year and that the video was made during the period.

Woo and Kangta got back to friendly terms recently, but decided to end their relationship after the video scandal broke out, Woo said.

On the following day, TV personality Oh Jung-yeon took to Instagram to share a post hinting she had also dated Kangta in the past, implying her breakup was related to Kangta’s relationship with Woo.

“How would you feel when you find someone you’d been dating for about six months in bed with some other women? It’s just shocking,” Oh said.

Woo said Saturday that she and Oh had spoken directly and straightened out the misunderstanding between the two.

Kangta, 40, a first-generation K-pop star from the now-defunct group H.O.T., was set to release the solo track “Love Song” on Sunday but this was delayed due to the recent controversy.

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