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LG Electronics introduces ‘safer’ solar ESS

LG Electronics said Tuesday it has launched a 100 kilowatt all-in-one energy storage system that operates on solar power.

According to the company, the new system can store electricity that 30 households can use in a day. It has a capacity of 313 kWh, 14 percent larger than the previous model.

A series of fires at 23 ESS facilities had prompted the Ministry of Energy to issue inspection guidelines in December 2018 and June this year. 

(LG Electronics)
(LG Electronics)

LG said it has added incombustible materials in the all-in-one ESS, and a monitoring device that cuts the output if an anomaly is detected.

The power conversion system has passed the global electronics certification body TUV SUD’s fire safety standards.

A company representative stressed that no fire has occurred at some 50 sites where it has directly installed the new system.

The new all-in-one ESS is convenient to install because it has all the necessary components, such as power conversion, fire extinguishing and power management systems, battery, air conditioning and heater.

This ESS comes with LG Chem’s battery, which can perform up to 75.4 percent of the initial capacity after 15 years, according to the company.

Users can remotely control the PCS, battery and air conditioning.

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