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US Forces Korea extends curfew suspension for 3 months

US Forces Korea said Tuesday it extended the suspension of a curfew for its troops for an additional 90 days, calling it a period to demonstrate their "good order and discipline at all times and under all conditions."

The curfew, between 1 a.m. and 5 a.m., was imposed in 2011 amid public outcry over allegations of sexual violence and other crimes by USFK troops. The temporary suspension of the curfew began on June 17, and will be extended until Dec. 17, according to the USFK. 

Gen. Robert Abrams (Yonhap)
Gen. Robert Abrams (Yonhap)

"The vast majority of our personnel have conducted themselves appropriately, but I felt it was important to implement an additional 90 days to ensure we are making the correct decision regarding the curfew," its commander Gen. Robert Abrams said.

Noting that the extension decision was made after reviewing statistical analysis with a focus on service members' behavior, morale, and readiness factors, the commander said he will determine whether to maintain or rescind the off-installation curfew at the end of this evaluation period, according to the USFK.

"We are ambassadors of USFK, the United States and the US-ROK alliance to the Korean people. … Our professional behavior is equally important off-duty as it is on-duty," Abrams said. (Yonhap)