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Samsung vs. LG TV spat expands to other home appliances

The war of words between Samsung and LG Electronics has expanded from 8K TVs to home appliances, with the former taunting its crosstown rival in online videos.

Two updated video clips on Samsung’s YouTube channel feature its lineup of home appliances enabling clothing care, such as the air dresser and laundry dryer.

Regarding the steam closet system, the company made an indirect comparison of its Air Dresser and LG Styler, presumably criticizing the technique used to remove dust from clothes by shaking the hanger.

While LG applied its proprietary moving hanger technology to the first clothing care system in 2011, creating a new market, Samsung launched its Air Dresser in 2018, introducing a new method for cleaning clothes with air. 

LG booth at IFA2019 (LG Electronics)
LG booth at IFA2019 (LG Electronics)

In the other clip that features the dryer, Samsung has emphasized the importance of manually cleaning its condenser.

Last month, LG was told by the Korea Consumer Agency to repair 1.45 million Tromm Dual Inverter Heatpump Dryers free of charge in response to complaints of accumulating dust, although the condenser is supposed to automatically clean itself.

The videos were posted after LG filed a complaint with the Fair Trade Commission on Friday against Samsung, accusing it of misleading consumers with an incorrect brand name in the QLED TV advertisement.

“The company will take stern measures to counter groundless arguments,” Samsung said in a statement after the FTC filing. 

Samsung booth at IFA2019 (Samsung Electronics)
Samsung booth at IFA2019 (Samsung Electronics)

Earlier this month, LG attacked Samsung at the IFA 2019 tradeshow in Berlin over the picture quality of Samsung’s QLED 8K TV.

Since then, both sides have been scaling up their offensive.

To counter LG’s claim that Samsung’s QLED TVs are inferior to its organic light-emitting diode TVs, Samsung made an unprecedented move of revealing that the total sales of its TVs since its launch in 2017 was 5.4 million units.

“The total area of the QLED TVs is 5,478 square meters that is double the area of Yeouido,” Samsung highlighted. Yeouido is the financial district where LG’s headquarters building is located.

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