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[Advertorial] LS Cable develops aluminum rigid bar for high-speed railways

LS Cable & System has developed an advanced power supply system for high-speed railways with aluminum rigid bars.

The South Korean cable and wire company said Sunday the new system could reduce the cost and size of train tunnel construction due to its simple structure.

Compared to copper trolley wires, its newly developed aluminum rigid bar will help construction workers build narrower tunnels at a lower cost, the company said. 

An image of LS Cable’s aluminum rigid bar for railways (LS C&S)
An image of LS Cable’s aluminum rigid bar for railways (LS C&S)

“Since there is no need for facilities to support the trolley wires, the tunnel size can be dramatically reduced,” it added.

According to the company, using aluminum rigid bars can reduce tunnel construction cost by more than 15 percent for high-speed railways such as the KTX or GTX.

Furthermore, the newly developed rigid bar can ensure the safety of high-speed trains, as it helps prevent trains from being disconnected and reduces maintenance work.

The company hopes that the development can reduce local manufacturers’ reliance on Swiss companies and help LS Cable & System to expand into the global market.

“Based on the local commercialization performance, we will be expanding aggressively into the global market,” LS Cable & System CTO Lee In-ho said.