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ICDM refuses to intervene in Korean firms’ spat

The International Committee of Display Metrology has refused to intervene in the ongoing spat between Samsung and LG Electronics over the technical superiority of their respective 8K TV technologies, according to industry sources Monday.

US-based ICDM is an organization of top display metrologists and specialists of related sciences whose goal is to produce standards for measurement and evaluation of displays in a uniform and consistent manner.

(Samsung Electronics)
(Samsung Electronics)

Regarding the use of contrast modulation -- the level of distinction between the luminance of white and black colors on a screen -- the organization said it does not mediate any issues among companies, which involve utilization of the Information Display Measurement Standard, according to Yonhap News Agency.

Samsung has claimed that the CM is no longer an effective measurement for latest displays like 8K, and the ICDM has been discussing new methods to measure high-tech displays’ picture quality since May 2016.

The claim was made to dismiss LG’s claim that Samsung’s 8K QLED TV’s CM stood at 12 percent, while its 8K NanoCell marked 90 percent.

According to Samsung, the CM level was ditched in 2016 and is not being used by global organizations that test and certify definition of displays.

The ICDM said it does not set compliance values in measuring the display resolution, noting that it develops global tools for the measurement but doesn’t require companies to meet a certain level. The compliance values are set by the International Organization for Standardization and other certification institutions.

It, however, said the current measurement methods, including CM, will be maintained until new measures are adopted later this year.

“The ICDM’s comments mean the concept of CM is still effective,” said an industry official.

In July, the Consumer Technology Association based in the US announced that TVs should meet 50 percent CM to be certified as 8K and receive a logo from the CTA. 

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