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DRAM prices stabilize but yet to rebound

Average prices for DRAM widely used for PCs and solid-state drives have stabilized for a second straight month, raising expectations for a rebound in the coming months, according to the industry on Wednesday.

Market researcher DRAM eXchange said the price of 8-gigabit DDR4 mainly used for PCs stood at $2.94 on Sept. 30, unchanged from the end of August.

The 128-Gb multiple-level cells going into SSDs and USB drives was $4.11 last month, at the same level from the previous month. 

Samsung's DDR4 for SSD (Samsung Electronics)
Samsung's DDR4 for SSD (Samsung Electronics)

It marked the first time this year that figures halted a seven-month streak of falls and remained at the same level for two straight months.

Such stabilization in prices is viewed as a sign that the oversupply situation is being eased as demand recovers.

“Demand recovery for DRAM has been confirmed in the market from the third quarter,” said Choi Do-yeon, an analyst at Shinhan Financial Investment, in a report. “Forefront manufacturers of DRAM have sufficiently reduced their DRAM inventories and the prices have had enough falls.”

Due to signs of stabilization, some raise expectations that DRAM prices could soon show major rebounds.

However, chipmakers here remain conservative about price forecasts.

“We expect the pries to start rebounding after a solid recovery in demand early next year by around the second quarter,” said an industry insider.

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