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LG launches affordable LED 4K projector CineBeam

LG Electronics said Thursday the company has expanded its lineup of high-definition projectors by launching an LED 4K projector in addition to the laser versions.

The LG 4K CineBeam meets the need of consumers who enjoy watching movies at home. It offers a large-size projected display of up to 140 inches. 

LG CineBeam 4K (LG Electronics)
LG CineBeam 4K (LG Electronics)

The latest model uses four LED light sources unlike existing LED projectors by adding one more blue light, which enhances brightness and definition.

Google Assistant and LG’s smart TV platform webOS 4.5 were adopted for the projector, increasing convenience for users to consume a variety of visual content on the large screen.

Compared to the laser models, the LED projector is more affordable with a price tag of 1.99 million won ($1,650).

By Song Su-hyun  (