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2.78 pieces of sushi sold a second at E-mart: data

Riding on word-of-mouth through social media, E-mart is seeing a whopping increase in its sales of sushi products, the retail chain said Wednesday.

With 65 million pieces of sushi having been sold within the January to September period this year, E-mart said it expects sales to reach 100 million by the year’s end. An official explained the sales amount translates to 2.78 pieces of sushi being sold each second over that period.

E-mart has been targeting the sushi market by using fresh fish instead of frozen, it said.


The fresh, premium sushi, which had accounted for around 10 percent of the chain’s sushi lineup in 2015, now makes up some 45 percent this year, E-mart explained. It added that salmon sushi has been most popular.

“We are benefiting from the word-of-mouth through YouTube and other social media in which the content creators vouch for sushi as the must-purchase items from our stores,” an E-mart official said.