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S. Korea to host 7th Asian Legislative Experts Symposium

The Ministry of Government Legislation and the Korea Legislation Research Institute will jointly hold the Asian Legislative Experts Symposium in Seoul on Oct. 30.
(Ministry of Government Legislation)
(Ministry of Government Legislation)

Organized by the ministry since 2013, the conference brings together government officials and experts from Southeast Asian counties, including Vietnam, Indonesia and Malaysia, to introduce their legislation to tackle common issues.

Under the theme “Legislative Modification Strategies for Smart City Development,” the participants will discuss drawing up legislation to better develop a smart city based on internet of things technology.

Data collected from such exchanges will optimize the efficiency of city services from transportation to public utilities to crime detection, the ministry said.

Jung Jae-seung, a KAIST professor, will deliver the keynote speech.

He currently serves as chief architect of Sejong SmartCity, a pan-governmental project that aims to turn the country’s administrative region into a model smart city.

Divided into two sessions, the forum will first examine what roles Korean laws have played in nurturing smart cities and the progress they have made in building them.

Chairperson Choi Hoan-yong, vice president of the KLRI, will moderate the discussion.

Legal experts and officials from Korea’s Transportation Ministry will talk about the latest findings in their research and suggestions for policymakers.

A session will delve more in-depth on smart city projects currently underway in Southeast Asian countries.

Chairperson Kang Myoung-gu, a professor of Urban and Regional Planning at University of Seoul, will lead the discussion.

Senior officials from the governments of Vietnam, Thailand and Malaysia will each present their local projects to build smart cities.

In particular, Vietnam whose ambassador to South Korea delivers a congratulatory speech at the event has showed deepened interest in this year’s forum, having delegated two ranking officials in charge of city monitoring and control and law enforcement.

Following the presentation, local smart city experts and foreign academics will cross-examine reported cases and share successful legislation cases that helped smart city development.

As host of the international forum, South Korea plans to do more than share its experience in tackling pending issues across Asia.

It has helped Myanmar to model its information system on local laws and signed agreements with 28 legislative organizations in Southeast Asia to further promote legislative cooperation.

At the symposium, Minister of Government Legislation Kim Hyung-yun is expected to highlight the policies that maintain national and social order as well as help solve various pending issues.

He is also set to note the necessity of establishing and modifying relevant laws and systems to effectively implement smart city projects.

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