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USFK chief observes Korean army drill

US Forces Korea unveiled on Friday a photograph of its commander observing a firing drill by a South Korean artillery brigade in a frontline training ground in Pocheon, Gyeonggi Province.


Gen. Robert Abrams, commander of USFK and the Combined Forces of Command, visited the South Korean army’s 5th Artillery Brigade at Rodriquez Range along with Gen. Choi Byung-hyuk, deputy commander of CFC, for a live fire demonstration on Oct. 23, USFK said in a Facebook post with a photo of the two and Gen. Nam Young-shin, commander of Ground Operations Command.

This is the first time the USFK has disclosed a photo of an exercise conducted in a frontline area or its commander observing a drill since the two Koreas signed a comprehensive military agreement on Sept. 19, 2018.

It has also been rare in recent years for three generals to sit down in one place to observe a live-fire drill.

“The Republic of Korea-US alliance is ironclad, and our commitment to the ROK is unwavering. We continue to work closely with our ROK partners everyday, standing shoulder to shoulder with them,” USFK wrote in its Facebook post.

Abrams also tweeted the photo on his personal account on Wednesday.

“Great visit with ROKA 5th Artillery Brigade. These cannoneers are highly trained and motivated. First round fire for effect. King of Battle!” he wrote.

Observers say the unusual disclosure could be aimed at quelling recent doubts about the alliance or could be a message to North Korea which has test-fired a number of missiles this year including a submarine-launched ballistic missile. South Korea and the US have not carried out large-scale joint military exercises since Washington and Pyongyang began denuclearization talks. 

By Kim So-hyun(