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Seoul promises ‘creative solution’ to Pyongyang’s Kumgangsan demands

North Korea on Friday sent official statements to the South demanding the removal of South Korean-built facilities from the Kumgangsan resort, the Ministry of Unification said. 


According to the ministry, the statements were sent both to the ministry and to Hyundai Group early Friday. Hyundai Group is the South Korean company that led the development and operation of the resort at the North Korean mountain.

In the statement, the North said a new “international tourism and culture zone” would be established in the location currently occupied by the South Korean-built resort. The statement also informed South Korea that related negotiations would be conducted through the exchange of documents.

The Unification Ministry said the government would draw up response measures and that its response would focus on protecting the property rights of South Koreans.

“(The government) will review the conditions and circumstances while considering the significance of the Kumgangsan project,” the ministry said in a statement.

The statement also said those “conditions” included international political conditions and inter-Korean agreements.

“(The government will) draw up creative solutions while considering the changed circumstances.”

By Choi He-suk (