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NK condemns UN rights resolution as proof of hostile US policy

North Korea denounced a recent UN human rights resolution against it as a US attempt to topple the communist regime, vowing never to discuss the issue of its nuclear programs unless Washington's "hostile policy" is on the agenda.

An unnamed foreign ministry spokesperson issued the criticism in a statement, saying that last week's UN resolution clearly proved that the US has not given up on its "hollow dream to bring down our system."

UN Web TV(Yonhap)
UN Web TV(Yonhap)

"Even if the North-US talks reopen in the future, the nuclear issue would never be discussed before the issue of withdrawing the US hostile policy to improve relations with us be brought up in the agenda for dialogue," the spokesperson was quoted as saying in the statement carried by the North's official Korean Central News Agency.

The North has long viewed any attempt to raise the issue of the North's human rights as an attempt at bringing down its regime and a centerpiece of what it calls Washington's hostile policy against Pyongyang.

On Thursday, the UN Third Committee, which oversees humanitarian issues, adopted a resolution calling for accountability for gross human rights violations in the North. It is expected to pass the UN General Assembly next month. (Yonhap)