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Police crack down on irregularities ahead of April parliamentary elections

Police will crack down on violations of the election law starting Monday, ahead of the general elections for the 21st National Assembly in April.

The National Police Agency on Sunday said it will launch an exclusive investigation team to crack down on election irregularities, at each of the 255 police stations across the nation. Preliminary candidate registration for the general elections begins Tuesday.


Police will create a special investigation system to monitor and react to cybercrimes related to the elections, including the spread of fake news through social media and hacking attacks on government and party websites.

The agency said it will show “zero tolerance” against five election crimes -- bribery, smear campaigns, opinion manipulation, the illegal mobilization of organizations, and violence.

Police expect the number of related crimes to surge as candidates begin campaigning.

With around 120 days left to the elections on April 15, rival parties are continuing their standoff over the passage of electoral and prosecutorial bills pending at the parliament.

On Friday, the main opposition Liberty Korea Party and the ruling Democratic Party failed to reach a deal on the ending date of the special session, postponing the plenary session, during which the bills were expected to be passed.

By Choi Ji-won (