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LG CNS unveils real-time verification solution using actual transaction data

LG CNS Co., an IT service subsidiary of South Korea's LG Group, on Tuesday unveiled a real-time system verification solution that utilizes actual transaction data.

LG CNS claimed PerfecTwin is the world's first IT system verification tool that conducts tests entirely with actual transaction data.

After capturing data from an existing system, the tool automatically applies data on a new system and runs tests to detect errors, allowing engineers to compare and verify system in real-time, according to LG CNS. 


Generally, engineers make possible scenarios and test a system with virtual or sample data. But that method encountered difficulties when defects occurred in situations that were not defined by scenarios.

LG CNS said its solution will save time and costs compared to existing system verification models, claiming demand for the tool will grow as IT systems are complicated with use of blockchain and big data technologies.

PerfecTwin has been used for local financial firms' projects and performed successfully, according to LG CNS.

LG CNS said it completed patent application for the solution last year in South Korea, and is also taking steps in the United States, China and Germany to get patents for its latest verification solution. (Yonhap)