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[Best Brand] SNP continues success with overnight sleeping masks

Cosmetics/ SD Biotechnologies

Cosmetics and skin care brand Shining Nature Purity continues to succeed in the market with its latest sleeping pack series that comes in single-use packaging.

SNP is SD Biotechnologies’ cosmetics line that has entered the skin care market with its sleeping mask products. In 2015, their sleeping masks contributed to an eightfold increase in the company’s sales from 2014. 

SNP Bird’s Nest Water Sleeping Pack (SNP)
SNP Bird’s Nest Water Sleeping Pack (SNP)

SNP’s latest sleeping pack series comprises three types: SNP Gold Collagen Sleeping Pack, SNP Diamond Water Sleeping Pack and SNP Bird’s Nest Water Sleeping Pack.

Compared to 2018, the brand has seen sales of those one-time use sleeping packs to increase by 26 times at local duty-free stores, according to the company.

The sales of sleeping packs in China, in particular, has significantly increased, according to the company. The sleeping packs were previously listed on top spots on Chinese famous online shopping platforms, like Taobao and Tmall, the company said.

When the brand promoted its sleeping packs through Chinese livestreamer Xin You Zhi on Dec. 22, the company sold 700,000 packs in 20 minutes, it added.

The company has also introduced the single-use sleeping pack to China’s offline market. SNP Gold Collagen Sleeping Pack and SNP Diamond Water Sleeping Pack are now available at around 3,000 Watsons’ stores there.

SNP boasts their dermatologist-supervised tests to ensure all products are free of harmful and irritating ingredients in their products.